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Automotive business world is very attractive and it moves forward each day in technological and visual meaning. Many giant companies produce vehicles with new empowered materials, according to the newest technologies came. Nowadays, we are not surprised with voice-controlled steering and multimedia “air” remote control. All companies trying to implement something new that have their competitors along with their own achievements. But today, it’s not about luxury Rolls Royce or “gadget” Tesla. It’s about brutal Mercedes G Wagon!


This car has nothing new to impress customers, also it is not visually an eye-pleased comparing to Ferrari or Lamborghini. It is square-shaped, amazingly heavy, bulky and has non-friendly interior. But still, in 2023, this monster conquered many millions of hearts all over the world. Began in 1979 as a military experimental car, it grew up and transformed in something unique, that has no analogues elsewhere, and can be tuned as much as you wish. Yes, exactly, G Wagon is a most tuning available car and it’s a rare case when exterior/technical upgrade runs smoothly and exists like a perfect addition that doesn’t bring harm but even looks better. There was a model upgrade from W463 (1979-2018) to W463A (2018+) and in tuning meaning it came even better! From Brabus to Mansory, from Wald to Lorinser – all well known companies tried to bring some better into interior and exterior overall look, and didn’t forget about technical parameters. One of them decided to widen a car as much as they could, others just outlined existed square lines, and some of them freaked it to a cosmic shuttle.


Today we will introduce you our investigations in that way! Many G Wagons came through our hands and let’s see what we have here:


Mercedes G Wagon G500 W463 modified into 4x4 Squared Brabus


Regular 2003 G500 with a not attractive exterior has been transformed into a big square truck built on portal axles, proper Bilstein suspension kit, empowered frame and springs, with totally renewed interior. Refinished exterior with pure black paint combined with fresh-looking carbon fiber makes it brutal and meany. Original Brabus exhaust just signs it’s sound while it crosses both highways and rocky surfaces. 22’ wheels chosen as urban style look for every day usage. Of course, big truck should have giant wheels but enough to eat surface’ lacks.


Mercedes G Wagon G55 W463 modified into 6x6


Monstrous 6x6 took many hearts all over the world when it came off Mercedes. Our company built it with original Mercedes 6x6 middle axle, installed on portal axles that carry 700 HP+, it became a real off-road tank with its features. Snow, mud and rocks? No problem. All terrain vehicle can cross any surface. Wheel’s inflation system helps to cross over rocks and mud when it’s impossible for regular car. Carbon fiber hood scoop from new style W463A, carbon fender flares with roof spoiler make it signed and georgeous! When you enter an interior, and turn your sight upwards – starry roof catches you and won’t let you go. Star fall mode just amaze you and make feel it’s a luxury 1 million dollar car as it is!


Mercedes G Wagon G63 W463A modified into Brabus Rocket G900


Almost new G63 with only 15,000 km mileage and Acrapovic original exhaust transformed into first aftermarket Rocket G900 edition in the world! Indeed, when Rocket just came off many people didn’t like it at all, because in that time it looked new and as usual, no one wanted a classic square G Wagon have a sport body kit. It’s not a Lamborghini Urus come on! Time passed, habits got usual, and Rocket 900 became as an iconic look of G Wagon. We tried to make it as cool as possible, adding almost everything needed for exterior upgrade in addition with some interior elements. Coolest thing there is replaced exhaust pipes with Rocket G900 illuminated carbon tubes. Turn ignition on – and first you hear it, then watch it. Side illuminated logos look magnificent, carbon combination makes it strict and luxury in one time. One thing brings a little harm – it’s a rear roof spoiler Brabus painted in Rocket style. Just customer wanted it’s normal look but to have an overall Rocket G900 style. Full installed Rocket kit now hits European roads under the sun and excellents people with it’s look.


As you may see, we tried our best at that moment and tried to satisfy all customer’s requirements. Those cars make people’s necks turn at 180’ and stare like they’ve just seen a dinosaur!

It’s pleasant for us to have cool feedback due to hardly spent time and resources to convert regular G Wagon into a masterpiece as it is!