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X5 F15

X5 F15

Kubay Design BMW x5 body kit and other carbon fiber parts

Transform the look of your BMW with Kubay Design newest carbon fiber body parts. Our BMW x5 f15 body kit will add the absolutely necessary accents to make your vehicle look sportier, quicker and aggressive. With those additions, you will look back at your X5 every time you park it. 

While the X5 is the main focus of this category, we did not forget about other BMWs, as you look through this catalog, you will find the little, but so necessary additions for your BMW G30 or F32. 

Kubay Design history and quality of BMW x5 body kit

Here at Kubay Design we have a long history of building crazy projects like our 6x6 Mercedes G-wagon. We have a team of professionals at working with carbon fiber and other high quality materials. We have successfully manufactured and sold over 10000 carbon fiber parts, not counting fiberglass, plastic or steel ones.
Our BMW x5 body kit is made from genuine carbon fiber or fiberglass. It is lightweight, has a perfect fitment and improves your car`s aerodynamics, therefore the driving experience. 

Customization and shipping of Kubay Design BMW x5 body kit

We are interested in you building a slick, beautiful dream car, that's why we have different customization options for our BMW x5 body kit. You can choose different carbon fiber colors, you can add emblems and logos to make the build look finished and clean. And with our fast worldwide shipping - your parts will be delivered in no time. Wish to customize something for your specific build? No problem, hit us up on WhatsApp to negotiate. We want your BMW x5 body kit to be personal!

  • BMW X5 F15 Front Bumper Fiberglass Lip Spoiler

    $ 249

  • BMW X5 F15 Fiberglass Body Kit

    $ 660

  • BMW X5 F15 Fiberglass Rear Diffuser

    $ 279

  • BMW X5 F15 Rear Bumper Carbon Upper Cover

    $ 449

  • BMW X5 F15 Front Bumper Carbon Lip Spoiler

    $ 999

  • BMW X5 F15 Fiberglass Side Fangs

    $ 339

  • BMW X5 F15 Fiberglass Rear Spoiler

    $ 249

  • BMW X5 F15 Side Carbon Fangs

    $ 549

  • BMW X5 F15 Interior Carbon Insertions

    $ 1 199

  • BMW X5 F15 Carbon Body Kit

    $ 1 899

  • BMW X5 F15 Carbon Rear Spoiler

    $ 425

  • BMW G30 2017+ Carbon Rear Spoiler

    $ 1 059

  • BMW f26 x4 Carbon rear spoiler

    $ 939

  • BMW 4 F32 Carbon rear spoiler

    $ 649

  • BMW X5 F15 Rear Bumper Diffuser Carbon Spoiler Lip

    $ 775

  • BMW X5 F15 Side Mirrors Carbon Covers

    $ 449