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Steering Wheels

Kubay Design genuine carbon fiber Mercedes steering wheel

Did you know that half of your driving experience relies on the steering wheel? You spend most of your time driving your car behind the wheel. In Kubay Design we understand this very well, that's why we put so much effort in creating our exclusive Brabus and AMG steering wheels.
With the best quality materials, such as carbon fiber, alcantara or leather - you will be thrilled with your new interior looks and feels. 

What makes Kubay Design Mercedes steering wheel so unique

When we make our Mercedes steering wheel we focus on 3 key points: ergonomics, styling, quality. All the different parts for the steering wheel are designed and manufactured by masters of their crafts. From carbon fiber inserts to leather and stitching, everything is made by hand and polished to perfection. We are confident that after installing our Mercedes Benz steering wheel to your car you will never think of returning to the OEM one. We offer lots of options for different cars: w205, w212, w213, G wagon, all the different S, C and E-classes - you name it! 

Customization and shipment of Kubay Design Mercedes steering wheel

Our company values the desires of every customer. Therefore, we offer different customization options to make sure your Mercedes Benz steering wheel fits perfectly in your vehicle. Just hit us up on WhatsApp and if possible - we will make it happen. Your Mercedes steering wheel upgrade can be rapidly shipped to any location in the world, as long as shipping companies reach it. With a tracking number provided - you can monitor it`s location. If you have been looking for the best quality aftermarket Mercedes Benz steering wheel - you are in the right place.

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